Red Man Landscape.jpg

 Through the trees and out of the night,

     If you hear a scraping and a humming.

  Hide in the shadows or flee in fright

      Because the stranger

The Red Man
is coming...

We don’t understand how a terrible deed marks a place.

    How it builds up, twists itself around the roots like a creeping vine, bleeds into the soil, seeps into the water. How the very air       absorbs it, a hanging cloud waiting to be sucked into the lungs of the living.

           Waiting to be part of the world again.

 Dark Lake Reborn takes you into a domain where dark acts committed in the past have created powerful shadows waiting to  reach out to you. After an ancient ritual gone wrong, this gloomy waterside has become a focus to transform energy into reality  and now, all of the darkest impulses of the human mind have taken form.

          Envy, possessiveness, greed, bloodlust…whatever lurks in your own shadow half, the thoughts you’d never want a
nyone to           know you harbour.

   But there is a chance that the ancient bindings can be undone and the curse lifted from the lake. If you can solve the mystery         and unlock the secrets scattered around the site, you may be able to not only survive the night but also work a great good...

Australian Tour Dates


Saturday 16th & Friday 22nd


Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd