Featuring a uniquely immersive environment and a gripping story, HIDEAWAY takes you into the darkest reaches of the mind where sinister truths about the human experience lie hidden.

Three people have gone missing in the darkness of secluded bush pathways. And the only thing that seems to connect them is a message they each left for their loved ones - "Find it before it finds you."

You arrive as part of a community search party, organised by one of the missing person's family members. Whilst the police are insisting they're doing everything they can, the families are certain they're overlooking an important lead. They've been receiving messages from some unknown sender, telling them that the missing three people aren't really gone.

They're still right there in the darkness, not far off the path. But you can't see or hear them.

They're in the Hideaway.

As you investigate the scene and follow the leads, you begin to learn that the Hideaway is more than just a place, it's a state of being - a reality where your identity begins to break down and all the things you've told yourself about who you are start to fail.

Worst still, you discover that once you know about the Hideaway, it knows about you. And now it is coming to consume you.

Your only chance is to find one of the three missing people in time.

Only they know how to find your way out - find it, before it finds you...