Company Director

Emma created Hunted Interactive Experiences in 2013. She has written and produced every Hunted show since, as well as directing them in Perth, New Zealand and the UK! She has been a writer, director and actor in Perth for the past twenty years and has over 70 stage plays to her credit. She is also a film maker. Her first film Hidden Creatures starred Bud Tingwell and Jill Perryman and her feature follow up Inner Circle screened at festivals in the U.S. Her latest feature Terrible Acts of Love is currently in post-production. Emma is a fight choreographer, trained swordsperson, photographer, dance choreographer, singer and visual artist... not to mention, she does all the body art for Tarot!




Elizabeth has appeared in every Hunted experience since the company was founded in 2013. In that time, she has played a wide variety of roles, from an innocent young girl to a demonic foster mother half-consumed by an armchair. With Hunted, Elizabeth has performed not only in her hometown of Perth WA, but all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK! Her directing credits include Rising Waters, Hush and Sweet Tooth. Completing her theatre studies with Climbing Vine Theatre in 2013, Elizabeth is an adept actor and singer. Elizabeth handles ticketing, enquires, casting and props.



IT Manager

Jonathan has been with the company since it was founded in 2013, recently becoming the head of IT. On top of originating roles in The Ritual and Arr! The Pirate Musical, being a model for Hunted promotional images and leading in Emma's feature Film Terrible Acts of Love, he is the drive behind our ticketing department and an expert sound editor.

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