In a world where magic is as native as breath, those who feel most deeply, speak most boldly and dream most wildly determine the shape of tomorrow. 


You join this world as apprentices to Valeria, the King's High Guard. Sent to secure the Howling Woods before the forthcoming Moon Festival, you must search for signs of the RAVEN


Enemy to the King, terror to the people, the RAVEN seeks power, at the expense of all else. Where Spell Weavers of conscience shape their magic by connecting their own energy to the world around them, the RAVEN practices the forbidden craft of Shadowclaw - stealing the life-force of others to work her dark designs.

And the RAVEN has promised to appear at the Moon Festival as an apparition of such terrifying power that all will be bound to her will forever.


Can you help Valeria to track her down and capture her, before it's too late? 

Or will you instead pledge yourself to the RAVEN, serving as her Champion in the fight to topple the King? 

With an anxious tailor, a resourceful cook and an escaped convict all part of your story, RAVENHUNT is an unforgettable journey to another world.     


PERTH - Nov 2017 - Mar 2018
MELBOURNE - Sep 2018
Adelaide - nov 2018
U.k. & Ireland  - May - Aug 2018

This is a Walk-Around Event. 

Participants require a moderate level of fitness & must be independently mobile. 

Ages 13+ 

Show Length - 1 hour approx.