Everyone wants to find something special.

In an era where anyone can be one tweet away from fame and the flow of entertainment is constant, it’s harder to stand out.              To feel unique.                 

To discover something that hasn’t already been seen, done, posted, read…

                        But something has found you.

 You start to receive mysterious symbols and images, texted to your phone. And gradually, they begin to make sense, adding up to an invitation to be one of a select few to discover something truly original. Something life-changing.

 You follow the final message, an invitation into a secret location at night, only to find yourself trapped in a torturous game of cat and mouse.

Targeted by a serial killer calling themselves the Howling, you and your friends are given a choice: work together to survive the night,

or go it alone. There are pros and cons to both options.


If you stick together, you can rely on each other and pool your skills. But you’re a bigger, slower target.

You might have the protection of the herd, but the predator will still pick off the weakest... The most vulnerable.

                             What if that’s you?


Wouldn’t you be better off finding your own way? Taking your own chances? Whatever you choose, only ONE of you will survive.

                                                             Make sure it’s you. No matter the cost.


SOLE SURVIVOR is a live interactive horror experience that puts you and your friends to the test – can you outwit a serial killer or are you doomed to die? Do you have the guts, the wits and the wherewithal to survive?

This is a small-group only experience, with each session limited to EIGHT PARTICIPANTS ONLY.

Tickets are therefore VERY limited, and we recommend you BOOK EARLY to avoid missing out.

SOLE SURIVOR has two entrances – NORTH & SOUTH. Please note your tickets will only be valid for the entry point you purchase them for. The North entrance and the South entrance provide two different experiences – which means once you’ve done one, you can come back and do the other also!

Perth tickets are available now. Tickets for Victoria on sale soon!