A brief look into our catalogue of past shows, available for commission.

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Enter a world of shadows and phantoms, where nothing is as it seems and reality erodes away into a nightmare.

You receive a desperate plea, begging you to help a lost girl find her way out of a darkened forest. But once you arrive, you discover these woods are populated by strange figures from a dark fairytale, all of them luring you deeper into the shadows. You meet others lost there also, people just like you, but some of them have been there a long time. Far, far too long...

So long, that it makes you worry whether you will ever find your way out again.

ALL FALL DOWN premiered in Perth in 2018 before embarking on a tour around the United Kingdom and Ireland, to great acclaim. Including stops such as London, Edinburgh and Dublin. It has since been commissioned by City of Perth.


You find yourself in the midst of a gruesome chase, where Carson sets his hapless victims running for their lives, then hunts them like fleeing deer. Him and his shotgun... 

But not everything is as it seems. The spirits of Carson's victims remain, trapped in the dark aura of the lake. 

And now, they greatly out-number him. As large and dark as his presence may be, the combined strength of many murdered women is a rising tide of rage. Now, they want vengeance. 

But nothing in this cursed place is pure or good...


Carson 4.jpg

RISING WATERS had a unique opening, playing in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney simultaneously on the week of Halloween 2017. Since then, it has toured to every major city in Australia as well as regional towns. One of our most popular experiences, it's been commissioned by City of Campbelltown and has been seen by over 4,300 patrons nationwide.




Trapped inside an abandoned old vaudeville circus attraction, you are at the mercy of the Happy Clown. And if you want to live, you'll keep him happy. However you can. Whatever it takes. Even if you have to sacrifice your friends to do it.

Because if his face changes, you're not getting out alive.

The Sideshow world is frozen in time, replaying the same sequence of events over and over. In the early 1900s, the Happy Clown, jealous of the Ringmaster’s relationship with the Knife Thrower’s pretty assistant, killed his rival. But the Ringmaster was of Romani and cast a powerful curse on the Happy Clown with his dying breath, freezing him and the whole place in time.


Premiering in Perth in 2015, SIDESHOW went on to be Hunted's very first national tour! Appealing to a large audience (and their fear of clowns), it is certainly one of our scarier shows.



As you follow a weathered old map in search of artifacts on the sands, you find yourself haunted by the long-dead passengers of the Timber Wolf - a merchant ship that sunk in the 16th century. Those who survived the wreck were bundled onto a life raft and made their way to shore in hope of rescue, or at least, survival.

But who do you trust?

The seamstress who took charge of the survivors and saved many lives in the aftermath of the wreck, but seems deeply traumatised? The ship's doctor, who, whilst intelligent and knowledgable, is emotionally disconnected?

The European sailor, who speaks very little English but seems desperate to communicate? Or the strange, shambling figure lurking within

the depths of a hulking black cloak?

Make the wrong choice, and you may join them forever on that dark shore.

Wrecked 6.jpg

We like to think of WRECKED as more of a ghost-story than a gory horror (but of course, there will be blood!). It's been enjoyed by patrons as young as 12 and as old as 80, playing nationwide from 2017-2018. Whilst written for a beach setting, it's adaptable to almost any outdoor space.



The ... Of SHADOWS model is a unique Hunted Interactive creation centering around a basic formula that can be applied to any historical figure/event.

Shows using this model follow Theresa Lazenby, a journalist who looks into her ancestry and discovers a relative, murdered under mysterious circumstances. Two figures present themselves as likely suspects, but now long-dead, they appear only as apparitions. It is the audiences' role as judge, jury and executioner, to decide which spirit will remain and which will be banished into the void for this crime.

Hall of Shadows was first commissioned by City of Perth in 2016, then toured later that year to the decommissioned Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth as Shadows of Mayday, commissioned by Asylum Ghost Tours. It has since toured internationally as Ward of Shadows as well as being commissioned again by City of Perth as Court of Shadows, playing in Perth’s Oldest Building, the Old Court House Law Museum.

It is uniquely adaptable and an audience favourite, with the flexibility to be genuinely horrifying for audiences 16 and up, or a gentle ghost story for patrons as young as 10.


Sweet Tooth

Inspired by historical mass murderess Lady Bathory, Miss Courtney believes in the youth-preserving powers of blood. Especially the blood of the beautiful and beloved... Especially when consumed as a fine wine.

Unfortunately for you, Miss Coutrney consideres you ALL beautiful and beloved. And so, so full of blood.

With a few mouthfuls of flesh to go along with it, of course!

You and your friends must try to escape the deranged lusts of Miss Courtney and her household staff.

Or, of course, in the interest of saving your own skin, you COULD choose to join them. But be careful...your choice might be harder to "swallow" than you think!



Playing for a limited season across Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney in 2016, Sweet Tooth is a Hunted Team favourite... a combination of horror and dark comedy that provides an equal amount of laughs and scares at every turn!

Venue-flexible, Miss Courtney has hosted her...guests... in halls, heritage museums and even a residential house.