"We spent the short but intense night on foot, following our guide and some other... entities... through a series of checkpoints and puzzles that garnered us clues towards the survivors' fate.  The puzzles hit a good balance between being challenging enough to give an intelligent adult something to ponder, but possible while balancing your notepad on your knee by moonlight with one eye on the shadows and whatever might be lurking there.

The horror elements of the show similarly respected the audience's intelligence.  The gruesome doings were implied rather than explicit, giving us space to use our imaginations and consequently more chilling and lingeringly disturbing than any jump scare or bucket of fake gore would have been."      


"From those very first moments, right up until we were made to run for the final safety of the show’s final station-turned-comments book, the Hunted performers delivered a spooky delight, which was not only frightening but genuinely intriguing. And whilst our erstwhile host, the killer dubbed Carson, certainly provided a definite creep factor, it was the performance of his many victims which made the night so entertaining."

"I only hope that Hunted will take it upon themselves to return, and offer us more of their unique immersive performances. If you ever get the chance to experiences for yourself, I highly recommend it... if you dare."



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