An Intriguing Interactive Experience

Join us for TAROT, an intriguing interactive journey into the insight and symbolism of the Tarot deck. 

You arrive to a beautiful garden location on a summer evening.

A figure in a richly tapestried cloak awaits you with a lantern and a deck of Tarot cards, to guide you on a journey down the winding paths of the garden. 

A journey into the trial and triumph, love and loss, unity and conflict common to us all - the experience of being human.

Beautifully body painted figures, each one representing a different card of the Tarot deck, come to life as you discover them amongst the gardens. Be drawn into their world of symbolism and meaning - sometimes gentle, sometimes unnerving, sometimes funny, sometimes moving, but always relatable. As an intriguing tale  unfolds around you, discover how your life experiences and those of your fellow participants weave together into a common cloth, while each of you follow your own unique thread.

Featuring a uniquely interactive script from an award winning writer,
TAROT   is a different experience for each audience - no two performances are ever the same.
Your TAROT   journey is a unique immersive experience, genuniely interactive and responsive to you and your fellow participants. 

The cards cannot tell your future, 

they do not know your past.

If there is magic to be found,

it is in the clarity of reflection

and the resonance of your 

true, inner voice.

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